In Partnership With...

As the UK's leading specialist contractor for the design and development of optimised hybrid solutions, B & K Structures has partnered with two of Europe's leading timber manufactures to position them selves to meet the demands of engineers, contractors and the end user.

Prefabricated Timber Cassettes - B&K Structures in partnership with Rubner Holzbau

By exploiting in-depth industry knowledge and extensive experience, B & K Structures in partnership with Rubner Holzbau bring to the market engineered timber roof and wall cassettes to deliver sustainable buildings at a rapid rate, without compromising on quality or efficiency.

B & K Structures and Rubner Holzbau bought together their combined capabilities at the start of 2016 to deliver systems that meet the design and construction brief in terms of cost and performance.

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CLT - X-LAM Alliance

At the forefront of European cross laminated timber research and development, the X-LAM Alliance is an innovative partnership, combined to form superior strength - bringing to the UK construction markets a seamless and consistent method of supplying certified CLT solutions.

B & K Structures and Binderholz formed the X-LAM Alliance in 2011 to assist at every stage of the construction journey – from pre-tender design through to onsite delivery and everything in between.

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