B & K Structures adopt and apply best practice sustainability principles through all operational aspects of the business. A common view of sustainability is that is it made up of three distinct pillars, an economic pillar, a social pillar and an environmental pillar. All three overlap, and intersect to create a common ground for sustainability standards and certification systems - B & K structures use only PEFC (the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) or FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody Certified timber in their structures which not only means the timber comes from well managed forests with due respect for environmental standards, but economic and social standards too. This promotes legal compliance, ensures forest cultivation is well managed, the local ecology is protected and that forest workers are treated fairly.

Social sustainability is often seen as the least defined and least understood of the three pillars of sustainability, but that does not reduce its importance. B&K Structures are constantly finding ways to improve their social sustainability not just in the terms of the business and its employees but in their structures and the people who use them... Read More

With eco-credentials of the highest importance in the construction and modern trading world, the maintenance of factors that contribute to the quality of environments is crucial. Environmental sustainability has a strong influence on B&K Structures as they strive to increase the specification of environmentally friendly, renewable building materials... Read More

B & K Structures aim to continue long into the future, to make positive contributions to their local community, broader society and planet as a whole. Maintaining high and stable levels of economic growth is one of the key objectives of any sustainable organisation, but sustainable development is more than just economic growth, the quality of growth is just as important as the quantity... Read More