The driving force in the development of our business model is sustainability. Designing and constructing
projects using materials that are environmentally responsible, resource-efficient and cost effective will
continue to be our mantra. Change isn’t coming, it’s here and we are now seeing engagement from major stakeholders actively pursuing alternative forms of construction in their drive toward net zero carbon targets by 2050.

Our track record for delivering highly sustainable projects is being recognised and attracting significant interest from major development corporations and tier 1 contractors looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The construction industry is evolving, and it is abundantly clear that we are in the midst of a major sea change. It is extremely rewarding to be at the forefront of this progression and helping to advance how buildings are designed and developed with sustainable products.

Research and development is crucial to the continued development of our business model, especially the wider use of CLT, we are heavily invested within industry wide research projects to develop a compliance route for the design of CLT to meet new building regulations.

2020 has presented it’s challenges, keeping people safe will always be our main priority and together with the help of our valued construction partners, we have been able to maintain safe working environments without any reportable instances. The pandemic is probably the most significant traumatic event to beset the world in modern times, there is no doubt of the impact on individuals, society and our workforce, yet as a business I am extremely proud of the way the business has adapted and evolved over the last 7-8 months. At the precise point of lockdown we were faced with delivering projects in the midst of our busiest trading period through remote working, not only did we deliver safely and on programme, we essentially fast tracked our ability to work and function remotely, we accelerated and implemented our ERP system and in the process effectively reduced our carbon footprint through virtual meetings and moving towards a paperless environment. We don’t know what a new normal looks like yet, there’s one thing for certain B&K Structures will retain and enhance many of these beneficial working practices.

I am certain that we face an exciting future for not only our company but also the construction industry. Reducing carbon emissions to mitigate climate change is at the top of the construction agenda - we have the skills and technology and are ideally placed to deliver sustainable projects at scale to benefit both our clients and the environment.

Andrew Goodwin - Managing Director

B&K Structures

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