The IStructE's update to glulam and CLT embodied carbon values in ‘How to Calculate Embodied Carbon’ is a welcomed update for the industry. At B&K Structures, our research arm has been pushing for an update to these figures and we were happy to support the authors of this paper with data, in the hope of pushing the industry forward towards a more sustainable future. 

We are delighted that the currently adapted average A1-A3 carbon factors for these timber products have now been updated and reduced, and at BKS we believe this is an important and overdue update.

Ensuring that everybody within the industry is using accurate and consistent data when looking at carbon is essential to be able to make good decisions, and this knowledge sharing is something B&K Structures firmly supports. The results of this review will help to demonstrate to clients and developers – particularly those making early-stage decisions based on carbon and environmental factors – that well designed timber is the way forward to achieving Net Zero.

As the review demonstrates, the embodied carbon in timber manufacturing is reducing, and we hope to see further regular updates in the future, as manufacturing methods become increasingly efficient and effective.

Now is the #timefortimber.

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