As part of our commitment to the future of construction, we employ a number of talented apprentices. We’re incredibly proud of what the young people in our business achieve, especially in the case of one of our newer recruits, Sally White.

Sally recently started working as a Young Apprentice Ambassador – after working with BKS for 9 months, Sally is now helping to promote the virtues of apprenticeships to school leavers. Here’s what Sally has to say on her new role:

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

I’ve always had a strong work ethic as I starting working part time jobs when I was 14 years old. I enjoyed training in a specialist industry whilst being able to socialise within a work environment so apprenticeships were always an option for me. After considering going to university full time after completing my A Levels, I decided I enjoyed learning on the job far more during the course of previous jobs and wanted to experience it full time.

I decided to become an apprentice by researching roles that I was interested in. When I discovered the role of a Quantity Surveyor, and that B&K Structures were offering a place, I knew that the role of an apprentice was perfect for me.

What are the benefits of this route into the workplace?

I love being an apprentice as you get to learn, progress your career and get paid, all at the same time. I have always wanted a career in something that I can work my way through to become the best of the best. Being an apprentice is the perfect way to start and has allowed me to gain valuable knowledge about the construction industry - I am loving being part of a team! Another advantage is having the opportunity to work closely alongside your managers - this has enabled me to get involved with interesting projects and schemes which is a vital experience. After beginning my journey as an apprentice, I am even more excited and enthusiastic about progressing within the company and in my job role.

How did you join the Young Apprentice Ambassador Network?

To join the scheme I had to take part in an application process. This consisted of an application form of questions in regards to why I think I will be a good ambassador, why I wanted to become an ambassador and my experiences as an apprentice. After applying, I was delighted to find out that I had been accepted to become an ambassador for the East Midlands region. I now have to attend a training session to further develop my role as an ambassador.

What are you required to do?

As an ambassador I engage with young people, teachers, parents and the public to promote apprenticeships. I have opportunities to visit schools, career fairs and events to speak about my experiences. I attend meetings with other ambassadors throughout the year to discuss the network, which is also a great opportunity to discuss our experiences and how we can promote apprenticeships. In addition, I engage with young people through social media that are needing advice or have queries in regards to an apprenticeship. I also have the amazing opportunity to attend and speak at high profile events to promote apprenticeships.

Any advice for school leavers considering an apprenticeship?

Research is key to finding your perfect apprenticeship. The main thing to consider is what you enjoy, what you love to learn about and what you are interesting in learning more about. When thinking about an apprenticeship, think about what you want to make of your future and the difference the apprenticeship path can make.

I was worried that I was going to make a mistake not going away to university full time like my friends. However, I followed my heart and I’m now in the best possible place for my future. The advice I would give is to not let your doubts or worries about the future stop you gaining experience in something you are passionate about - they're a great first step into the perfect career!

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