The residential sector continues to push the boundaries of offsite construction and we’ve been instrumental in many of these projects.

We have an exceptional track record in delivering residential buildings to time, budget and client specification. Our proven experience has allowed us to be part of some of the UK’s most exciting projects, adding a level of sustainability to our award winning buildings.

B&K have worked in the commercial sector for a number of years, delivering a number of outstanding public and private buildings.

From public sector offices to television studios, we have an extensive portfolio that affirms our position as an industry leader in sustainable construction. Commercial projects benefit greatly from the speed of offsite construction as well as the aesthetic and wellness benefits of timber.

We have a wealth of experience in the education sector and have helped many communities cope with increasing classroom sizes.

Educational buildings often have greater emphasis on expedited build schedules to fall in line with term times, something timber and hybrid buildings excel in. We work across all levels of education, from local primary schools to world class universities.

Sporting and leisure establishments naturally lend themselves to the materials used in our timber and hybrid structures.

We've worked on a number of projects ranging from sport centres and swimming pools to visitor centres and theme parks. Timber is a preferred choice for many facilities thanks to its neutral colourings and its ability to blend into natural surroundings.

We have worked across the retail sector with previous clients including M&S, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.

We’ve partnered with a number of high profile retailers to help them drive their individual sustainability policies through the erection of responsible shopping outlets. Our work can be seen in many supermarkets across the country and we continue to assist retailers in improving their carbon footprint today.

We have a proven track record in working to minimise disruption whilst creating sustainable facilities that help offset carbon emissions.

From bus interchanges to train stations and motorway services, we’ve worked across the spectrum of infrastructure. Traditional infrastructure can be uninspiring - our projects bring a marked element of creativity into a once tired part of the built environment.

Our range of products excel at improving the aesthetic of outdated buildings.

Our expertise and vision allows us to renew the life of tired buildings whilst simultaneously improving their carbon footprint. The decreased weight of timber when compared to traditional materials allows for additional storeys to be placed onto existing buildings.

The healthcare sector is paying closer attention to the holistic aspect of healing and creating spaces that promote health and recovery through carefully selected surroudings.

Our previous work in healthcare projects demonstrates our expertise in the timber, steel, and hybrid solutions, which has aided us in being able to construct suitable settings for healthcare. Our exceptional work has led to many of our healthcare facilities being award winning structures.

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