All our projects are personal. We pride ourselves on sustainable construction methods that simultaneously deliver high levels of customer satisfaction across the board.

Communication is vital to our success. Every scheme has a dedicated contract manager, offering our clients the benefit of a single point of contact. The contracts manager is tasked with developing a highly personal relationship with their client to ensure we deliver the project to their exact specification.

B&K Structures also assigns a project coordinator and surveyor, both of whom attend regular briefing meetings and client interfaces.  By employing a matrix style organisation for each project, we benefit from the cumulative experience of each department, all of whom bring a wealth of expertise and ideas to help our client get the best possible experience.

The project team will coordinate with our dedicated design and drawing office, buying department and product quality assurance, prior to site start. At this point we assign a dedicated site manager who is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the project. The site manager, along with the contract manager and surveyor, retain overall responsibility throughout the project delivery. We’re committed to ensuring continuity across each stage which is why we manage our construction phase the way we do.

The Gramophone Works

Delivering New and Refurbished Workspaces for Creative Enterprises

Delivering New and Refurbished Workspaces for Creative Enterprises

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