We take great pride in continually pushing down costs, time, wastage and emissions and through this, strive to further improve client satisfaction.

Innovation is hugely important for us. By working closely with our supply chain partners, we are able to take advantage of the collective experience at our disposal to design products and solutions that help us to grow the capabilities of the offsite industry.

Our expertise extends past designing, building and managing and into the development phase. Our close working relationship with partners across the country gives us the ability to feed our clients’ feedback into research that informs the improvement of new and existing offsite construction materials. 

Our innovation is reflected in the buildings we produce. Projects like Dalston Lane which is the largest load bearing CLT structure in the world, as well as the next generation of Nando’s restaurants and Sky’s Believe in Better Building show just how far our innovation can take us. 

Offsite construction is an innovation in itself. We produce a vast majority of the building offsite, reducing construction time, carbon inefficiencies and labour costs and erect the prefabricated materials at a later date. This method of construction helps us to provide our clients with the consistently excellent and sustainable buildings that is expected of B&K Structures whilst reducing the impact to the local environment and community.

The Gramophone Works

Delivering New and Refurbished Workspaces for Creative Enterprises

Delivering New and Refurbished Workspaces for Creative Enterprises

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