Why B&K Structures?

With over 35 years of experience within the structural steel market, B&K Structures offers complete confidence in the fabrication of conventional steelwork through new builds, extensions and refurbishments, specialising in inner city and difficult site situations. With extensive knowledge of structural steelwork, we take advantage of the numerous benefits of steel, often using it to complement other less conventional products in creating optimised hybrid structures.

Offsite Steel Manufacturing

Wherever possible, we opt to use offsite manufacturing techniques for our steel construction projects. By using offsite manufactured steel products, we allow for greater flexibility in accomodating design changes to the building during construction. Further to this, offsite fabrication reduces site costs and ensures components are readily available and are erected immediately, reducing delays and avoiding site congestion. 

Steel construction helps to maximise floor area for projects with the use of slim columns and large unsupported spans. This benefit helps compliment hybrid structures, using timber products as a sustainable and economical alternative to 100% steel. 

Steels adaptability not only makes it a strong contender for any new build or extension projects, but also the structural refurbishment market. The high levels of prefabrication achievable through the use of steel, along with its lightweight nature, allow it to be installed quickly. With minimal disruption to sites, many ongoing refurbishment projects remain functional during construction.

The Gramophone Works

Delivering New and Refurbished Workspaces for Creative Enterprises

Delivering New and Refurbished Workspaces for Creative Enterprises

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