B&K Structures along with other industry leaders are working with the Structural Timber Association (STA) to simplify and clarify the Building Regulations compliance route for
cross laminated timber (CLT).

Over the next 18 months the research supporting the new framework will include?a series of compartment?fire tests?for commercial and multi-family residential type buildings. The purpose of  this ongoing?research?is to provide scientific data for CLT fire performance that will support designers in the delivery of robust fire safety designs. The project proposals and outputs will be reviewed by an independent industry stakeholder group and it is intended to release data as and when it becomes available during the course of the programme. The first two elements of work – the Compliance Roadmap for Mass Timber and a literature review of pre-existing test data are now available for download from the STA website.

?The CLT industry in the UK supported by the STA is also responding to recent statements raising concern about the gaps in knowledge and competency relating to mass timber by?providing evidence of the product fire performance and data to support competent professionals in the design of mass timber buildings for fire. This evidence will enhance the understanding of fire performance of CLT in terms of compartment fire behaviour, the response of structural elements and hazards associated with external fire spread.?

Steel – CLT Connection Research

B&K Structures supported by leading fire engineering consultants is engaging in research into the behaviour of CLT to steel connections to enhance our knowledge of how these elements behave in combination. BKS will be moving into the testing phase of this project in late 2020/early 2021.

EN 1365 Loaded Panel Tests

Working with our CLT supply partners, B&K Structures continue to carry out EN 1365-2 tests to further reinforce the data that we are able to provide to support project teams as they develop designs.

Full-scale Compartment Tests

Where the project requires it, through working closely with the project fire engineer, structural engineer and architect, B&K Structures are able to organise full-scale compartment tests in partnership with accredited testing houses in the UK and Europe.

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